Varsini Bahuleyan | This Life Ticket Podcast

Interview with a Creator: Varsini Bahuleyan | This Life Ticket Podcast | Best Tamil Podcast on Spotify

I always try to get in contact with other creators as it is very inspiring to know about the journeys of fellow creators. In this new ‘Interview with a Creator’ series, I aim to bring the stories behind the creator’s amazing digital work.

For this week, I interviewed Varsini Bahuleyan, the host of one of the best Tamil podcasts on Spotify – This Life Ticket Tamil podcast.

Varsini Bahuleyan | This Life Ticket Podcast
Varsini Bahuleyan | This Life Ticket Podcast

Interview with a Creator: This Life Ticket | Varsini Bahuleyan

1. How did you get the idea/inspiration to start a podcast? In other words, why did you start this podcast?

Initially, when I started out I was in pursuit of understanding myself better and the situation I was in. I started exploring by reading books, researching articles, discussion, seminars, speeches and I was able to gain exposure through these like self-realization and I thought of recording it.

And when I started a conversation, many other topics followed that I never had an idea of until then. This gave me the idea of sharing the knowledge and space for people to pour in their thoughts to our ways of healing and own this life that is ours.

2. Do you study or work? How do you find the time to record this podcast? Do you record only on the weekends or do you have a fixed schedule you follow?

I’m an experienced software professional, now working on my master’s in Business, I usually record by the end of weekdays. I don’t have a fixed schedule because I usually take time to research and only when I’m ready with the complete research work, I start recording.

For now, I try my best to pull out an episode every Saturday. Sometimes it gets delayed due to personal and research work.

3. What ways and methods do you use/ implement to promote your podcast?

For now, I don’t invest much in promotional ideas, since I solely started to just share knowledge and whoever gets the interest to click and hear can enjoy some self-reflection time from my work. I just have my free sources like Instagram and Facebook handle to share links and snippets from the episodes.

4. A podcast involves a lot of background work, are you solely working on this or do you have a team who is helping you?

Yes, as you mentioned a podcast involves a lot of background work, from topics inspirations, research, scripting points, recording, editing, publishing, maintaining listener queries & I do it all out of my interest. No team as for now. I do this knowledge work for my healing and help my possible in sharing what I got for now.

5. In each episode, you tackle a pressing social issue. How do you come up with the topics for each one?

I’m glad that you mentioned it is a pressing social issue. Self-concept is of course a compilation of thoughts and beliefs we gatherer from our experience, knowledge gained from this society ( which started from parents to family, friends and the environment that we’re put in)… so starting from within it helps us see the whole society in a different perspective. When everyone works on their individual self & this on a whole reflects on the society and we see change.

Most of the topics are the ones I wish to explore and learn for my self-reflection and realization. While I do get many recommendations for topics and some listeners share their experiences. When I learn about that and respond, I get more topics to cover that may reflect on their issue. So they also get an idea of what they need to hear to start or help in the process to heal.

6. What are your future plans for the podcast and for you as a creator?

I truly love to see myself in this new enhanced far of mind and I still wish to continue working on exploring topics and sharing the knowledge with others too. No particular aim or target.

7. What tools and software do you use to record your podcast?

No particular budget, I use my iPhone inbuilt voice recorder to record my episode and audacity for basic editing. Other than that I use Inshot for video clips.

8. What are your favorite podcasts and why do you like them?

TED Talks Daily, The Joe Rogan Experience, Naallana muruku for now.

9. What tips/advice do you wish to give to a new/budding creator?

Do start, don’t think to start with a perfect title, audio, video rather with quality content. Once you start and make an output with your effort you start to see results, appreciation, or suggestions. Get the feedback and start to talk about steps to improve. There is always time to improve but start it.

Here is the Spotify link to the Podcast: This Life Ticket Tamil Podcast


It was a thought-provoking talk with Varsini Bahuleyan and she was pretty fun to interview as well. She works really hard to keep producing quality content. Her podcast recommendations are amazing ones as well. I wish her all the very best in the future.

This Life Ticket podcast is one of the most informational and best Tamil podcasts on Spotify. If you have time, please do check out her podcast and give it a good rating if you like it as this would help her reach as well.

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