Adithya V

Welcome to my small part of the internet
In love with the idea of making a living by doing what I love
Hoping to find meaning in my life & add value to others lives

Adithya V

What I Enjoy in Life

Everything Football and Cricket

I love to watch, analyze football and cricket. I used to own a football transfer news website. My favorite team is Manchester United


This is my ultimate guilty pleasure. I am this close to getting a hallmark subscription. Someone save me!

Discovering Quotes

I research the history behind quotes I come across. I have a whole set of index cards with my favorite ones


I love to read biographies and long form articles about current events. I occasionally enjoy romance novels as well. I regularly read the New Yorker and WSJ.


I want to start and grow a business. I have tried many different ventures - I ran a successful blog, started a cloud kitchen and a single poster business. More to come...