Top Robert Breedlove Quotes on Bitcoin

List of top Robert Breedlove Quotes on Bitcoin

Robert Breedlove is one of the most extremely bullish people on Bitcoin. He is on a mission to educate everybody about Bitcoin and the concepts surrounding this digital asset.

Top Robert Breedlove Quotes on Bitcoin
Top Robert Breedlove Quotes

He has a podcast called ‘What is Money‘ which is quite literally a gold mine. I have learned so much about Bitcoin and about money in general by following his podcast.

His series with Michael Saylor named the Saylor series could very well be part of any ivy league curriculum for finance-related majors.

Here are some of the best Robert Breedlove Quotes on Bitcoin:

Top Robert Breedlove Quotes on Bitcoin

“Bitcoin is money that ensures your time is maximally expensive.”

Think through it. Save in Bitcoin, and you become richer. As you become richer, you naturally demand a higher price for your time. Bitcoin is money that insures your time.

“Bitcoin is humanity’s only honest money.” – Robert Breedlove

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“The other joke I like to make is: We all end up on Bitcoin’s payroll eventually, so I guess I just decided to jump in earlier than the rest of the world!”

“Bitcoin fixes systemic time-theft” – Robert Breedlove

This is a small snippet from a video where Robert Breedlove talks about the importance of Bitcoin. Here is the video:

“Bitcoin is the only money in history that is optimized for moving value across space and time”

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