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Interview with a Creator: Ramya Saravanan (Raa Raa) | Kadhai Ketkum Neram | Best Tamil Podcast on Spotify

I always try to get in contact with other creators as it is very inspiring to know about the journeys of fellow creators. In this new ‘Interview with a Creator’ series, I aim to bring the stories behind the creator’s amazing digital work.

For this week, I interviewed Ramya Saravanan the host of one of the best Tamil podcasts on Spotify – Kadhai Ketkum Neram Tamil Podcast.

Interview with a Creator: Ramya Saravanan | Kadhai Ketkum Neram

Interview with a Creator: Ramya Saravanan | Kadhai Ketkum Neram

  1. How did you get the idea / inspiration to start a podcast? In other words, why did you start this podcast?

When I was working for an entertainment YouTube channel in India as a Social Media professional, they wanted me to try voice-over and scripting. From there, I also came to know that the audio industry is going to boom.

All started there, initially they asked me to do a voiceover in English, and I also tried the Tamil voice-over. I believed my Tamil Voice was good and wanted to work on it.

At that time, I managed to bag decent projects and was working on them.

I also started writing children’s stories and was looking for a platform to showcase my stories.

My only aim was to make my voice and stories available on a platform. Then I thought a podcast would be the right platform.

I started Raa Raa Story Time in Feb 2019 and then Kadhai Ketkum Neram the next year.

  1. Do you study or work? How do you find the time to record this podcast? Do you record only on the weekends or do you have a fixed schedule you follow?

I’m a freelancer and I do voice over, scripting, and other projects. Frankly speaking, I don’t follow any fixed schedule, I record whenever I feel like doing that. However, I ensure that the episodes are posted regularly.

  1. Your podcast is a self presented type of podcast. So you do not have the help of guests to promote your episodes. In this case, what ways and methods do you implement to promote your podcast?

Yes, mine is an audiobook-type or scripted monologue type of podcast. I read audiobooks available in the public domain. Then slowly added my short stories and now started to post a lot of short snippets written by me.

Promotion, I have a Facebook page, YouTube for my podcast.

  1. A podcast involves a lot of background work, are you solely working on this or do you have a team who is helping you?

Yes, it involves a lot of work. To date, I’m handling my podcast. However, after starting posting my illustrated stories on YouTube, I’m working with freelancers.

  1. Is there any mistake you made or problem you faced when you first started out? If yes, then what did you do to overcome it?

Initially, I hardly knew people in this field, so most of the work I do was on a trial and error basis. There are so many self-explanatory tutorials and other articles available online. However, in certain cases, we do require expert advice. That’s the time I got stuck, I tried connecting with experts through Facebook and LinkedIn. Few of them replied. I’m grateful to all those who supported me. Also thanks to a few other people who helped me during my initial stages.

6. What are your future plans for the podcast and for you as a creator? 

Now I have published Tamil novels and short stories books and Children’s storybooks on Amazon.

Now I’m focusing on converting my stories in the illustrated format in YouTube, publishing my English stories for children, and also on my podcasts

7. What tools and software do you use to record your podcast?

Initially, I used an HP laptop, Blue yeti Mike, AudacityEditing Software

Now I have upgraded my home studio: SM Shure 7B, Wavepad editing software.

8. What are your favorite podcasts and why do you like them?

Ted talks – Every story inspires you

Movie Herald – Nice narration style and nice choice of movies

Tamil Novel Oli Audio Books-(Nandhini Bala)/- She reminds me of childhood radio memories.

9. What tips/advice do you wish to give to a new/budding creator?

Be a go-getter, if you want to do something, nothing should stop you. Learning and equipping yourself to do that task is very important. 

Here is the Spotify link to the Podcast: Kadhai Ketkum Neram

Here is the Social Media links to the Podcast: Instagram, Youtube

Here other projects: Raa Raa Kadhai Neram, Read Aloud with Raa Raa


It was a thought-provoking talk with Ramya Saravanan and she was pretty fun to interview as well. She works really hard to keep producing quality content and the way she is branching out to amazon books and youtube is something we all should learn from her. Her podcast recommendations are amazing ones as well. I wish her all the very best in the future.

Kadhai Ketkum Neram is one of the most informational and best Tamil podcasts on Spotify. If you have time, please do check out her podcast and give it a good rating if you like it as this would help her reach as well.

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