Why do the Japanese respect their money?

Why do the Japanese respect their money?

Japan is recognized for being a contemporary country with old-fashioned values, and this is especially true when it comes to financial concerns. Japanese respect their money and their respect is one of Japan’s most valuable assets within the country.

Japanese respect their money
Japanese respect their money

In Japan, all denominations of currency are treated with the utmost care and regard. According to the economist, anti-bacterial wallets that press and sterilize banknotes are even available in Japan.

The Japanese respect money because it is frequently given as a present, especially at weddings and funerals. Crisp, clean banknotes are preferred over crumpled or outdated ones, which are frequently kept in special envelopes with a crimson ribbon.

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Bill etiquette

Japanese people are particularly well-mannered when it comes to managing and caring for money, which is consistent with the rest of their polite culture.

Unlike in other Western nations, where it is entirely acceptable to cram a bundle of dollars into your pocket or wallet, folding or crumpling money is looked down on in Japan.

As a result, most Japanese banknotes are spotless and free of wrinkles or rips. Even yet, when it comes to presenting money as a gift, which is common around the New Year’s holiday, many Japanese people would travel to a bank to acquire new, clean bills to offer as gifts, rather than merely giving away the money in their wallets.

It is usual to use both hands while offering or receiving money. And, once you’ve got your change, carefully place it in your wallet.

Be aware that Japanese banknotes are somewhat larger than American ones, so carry or purchase a larger wallet to keep the money from being wrinkled or crumpled.


While the Japanese respect stems mostly from its cleanliness, it also has a hidden meaning, emphasizing the enormous value of money. If you consider money as garbage, as if it were old used tissue paper, you’ll be more prone to treat it as disposable and waste it.

The people of Japan respect money because treating money with more care can help you recall its value and resist the urge to waste it.

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