youngest person in the world

Who is the youngest person in the world?

Everyone wants to be young all their life as those years are filled with exuberant energy and curiosity. Navigating through life trying to discover the world around you and who you are as a person. Since everyone wants to be young, who is actually the youngest person in the world?

youngest person in the world
Some of the former youngest people in the world

The youngest person is Carl Kings-
Oh, wait- it’s now Rachel Gre-
Damn, last chance- their name is Akande Oka-

Damnit, don’t think we’re gonna be able to finish this one in time.

It is impossible to know the youngest right now as close to 4 babies are born every second.

But we can confidently know who was once the youngest, even if it was a fleeting ~0.25 seconds.

It’s You!

*points ferociously at you*

Yeah! You!!

This is worthy of being on your LinkedIn profile, ‘Former youngest person in the world’.

You are the former youngest person in the world

As you are reading this article, you could be in your 20s, 30s, 40s, literally any age.

Take this time to reflect back on your life. People just go through their days like a routine and don’t take time out in a day to do some self-reflection.

When you were young you wanted to be a lot of things. Very few people are in the same profession as the one they wanted to be in when they were young.

That is not the problem, the main issue is to analyze if you are

  • at peace with whatever happened in your past
  • happy with what you have going on currently
  • eagerly looking forward to the next phase in life.

If you have checked off all of the above, then you are among a few people in this world who have internal peace.

If you haven’t checked those boxes then it is time to find your internal peace.

Find your internal peace

From the youngest person in the world to now, you have come a long way in life.

You might have visited all the places, tasted all the food, read all the books, made all the friends, gathered all the fame, supported all the causes, built all the products, earned all the money, but all this doesn’t matter much.

These things don’t measure your life, the quality of your life is what it is when you are doing nothing.

If you can sit alone in your room, with no phones, no music, and just let your mind wander you will be in for a surprise.

Since there are no dopamine hits available, your brain will start bouncing from one thing to another and slowly it will hit on certain moments and situations in your life.

These might very well be the unresolved instances or situations in your life. As your start thinking through them and pondering over them you will start resolving these unresolved instances in your life.

This will help you make peace with your decisions.

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Be at peace with your decisions

Everyone is always upset with the decisions they did not make.

You would have heard these from your friends, even you could have said these,

I should have chosen that other career path, I should have married that other person, and I should have not gone on that trip.

Always grappling with your past decisions is a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

Tim Urban had an amazing image pinned to his Twitter profile. It is the definition of an image that speaks a thousand words. Here is that tweet:

The decisions you have made till now are what has brought you to this point in life. From here on every decision you make will close multiple paths and open up a few.

Think clearly before making any decision, but once you make it stick to it and be content with it.

Your success in life depends on your ability to make good decisions. Your happiness depends on your ability to not care about the outcomes.


Always remember, life is not waiting for you at a destination, life is what happens on the path to your destination.


Finding internal peace isn’t reaching a destination or reaching a certain age in life. It’s a choice.

So, my kind request to the former youngest person in the world is to

‘Make that choice today’

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