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Top Tyler Winklevoss Bitcoin Quotes

Facebook at its base concept was the brainchild of the Winklevoss twins. This idea was adopted by Mark Zuckerberg and took it to a whole new level. Even the Winklevoss twins have to agree that they might not have been able to do such a good job on Facebook as Mark.

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This was portrayed amazingly well in the movie ‘The Social Network‘ by David Fincher.

But the bottom line is that the Winklevoss twins lost billions in net worth because of Mark and ever since they are on a mission to do something greater. Enter Bitcoin.

They used every penny they got from their settlement from the Facebook lawsuit to buy Bitcoin when it was still not widely known. They are extremely bullish on Bitcoin and at one point heir net worth was more than that of Mark Zuckerberg during the 2021 Bitcoin bull run.

Here are some of the top Tyler Winklevoss Bitcoin Quotes.

Top Tyler Winklevoss Bitcoin Quotes

“With Bitcoin, no one has a monopoly of information” – Tyler Winklevoss

This is one of the key points that people need to start understanding about Bitcoin. Just because you cannot know what the government is doing with the tax money, they have an incentive to be a bad participant in the market.

This information is obscured behind many walls and is not easily accessible to the average person. These walls are kept in place by the government itself. Because information is valuable and they hold the monopoly over that.

Bitcoin solves this as every transaction is visible and can be viewed by anyone in the world.

This is not to say that everyone will go and keep checking the government’s transactions every day.

It is the power to do so that is important. You need not wield your power but the knowledge that you have that power will keep the government in check. Every decision they make will be visible to everyone, and that knowledge alone will make sure that they do not make any hasty decisions.

Thus, removing the monopoly over information.

“Bitcoin is the decoupling of money and state” – Tyler Winklevoss

Everyone has a notion that since money is taken care of by the government on behalf of the people, both the government and the money are one and the same.

But that is utterly false.

Here is the truth: Money and the government are different and should not be the same. No central authority or organization should have control over the flow of money because people have an incentive or the urge to get something for nothing.

Hence the state and the money should be separated and Bitcoin is the best available way to do that efficiently, as of today.

“Our basic thesis for bitcoin is that it is better than gold” – Tyler Winklevoss

People with some basic knowledge of Bitcoin compare it with Gold and it is a decent enough comparison. But Bitcoin also solves every drawback of gold.

Moreover, the narrative around Bitcoin is that because it is a scarce resource among other properties it has, it is coming for the Gold market as well as Real Estate and the bond market as well. That is multiple tens of trillions of dollars worth of market cap that Bitcoin is yet to enter.

This is something to stress here. It is a question of when and not if.

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