psychology behind revenge bedtime procrastination

What is the psychology behind revenge bedtime procrastination and how to overcome it?

Do you ever get so busy during mornings that you don’t have enough time to do the things you like? Have you ever decided to use the time you have for sleeping to do things like watch Netflix and use social media

If yes, then you have been in revenge bedtime procrastination, meaning, you put off sleep so you can have more time to yourself during the nights rather than getting rest. You need to understand the psychology behind revenge bedtime procrastination.

psychology behind revenge bedtime procrastination
Psychology behind revenge bedtime procrastination

What revenge bedtime procrastination looks like?

Revenge bedtime procrastination can look different to each person and also depends on what your days look like.

Maybe your days are scheduled, and you have a lot of things to do that you leave the night to watch TV or do the things you enjoy. Whatever the activity is, you’ll stay up late to complete the things you desire.

How does it impact you?

Everyone needs sleep, not getting sufficient sleep can result in problems down the road, mostly health-wise such as sleep deprivation, chronic health issues, including heart diseases. It can even affect your mental health such as depression.

There is also an Edward Young Quote – Procrastination is the thief of time.

How to overcome the psychology behind revenge bedtime procrastination?

You need to overcome procrastination because as well know, Procrastination kills dreams. There are a few ways you can consider to overcome revenge bedtime procrastination, and so, here are a few you may use:

Have a frank talk with yourself

Paint a vision of how you want the next day to be, and how productive you can be if you get enough sleep. You should start by creating a list for yourself of what you can accomplish by getting enough sleep. But most of all, remind yourself how getting enough sleep will make your days better.

Set an alarm an hour before bed

When the alarm you set goes off, it’s time to stop your work and get ready for bed. Turn off your devices and off the lights. Then do something nourishing like taking a shower, or reading a book. This helps you to sleep better and allows you to get to bed on time.

Find nourishing nighttime activities

If you absolutely can’t stop procrastinating, then consider doing something refreshing with the time you have. Try reading books instead of watching Netflix, or drink a fresh juice that’ll keep you nourished. If you have time to procrastinate, then use it in a way that benefits you.

Here are the 14 best night routines to help you sleep better.

Recognize that you can’t accomplish everything in a day

Your procrastination method often tries to make you complete all your responsibilities within 24 hours, and then once ur done you’ll stay up late just to watch a movie or chat with people. Editing your to-do list as much as u can, can help you to complete things on time. When you doubt your ability, remember you can’t complete everything in 24 hours. Give yourself a timely schedule to complete the things you can in a reasonable way.

Reduce your workload

Stress and sleeping disorders are likely to come with revenge bedtime procrastination. You can start by limiting our work time to 7 PM. Scheduling time restrictions helps a lot in managing work and being on time.


If you do not indulge in revenge bedtime procrastination, but still you feel like you are procrastinating a lot. Then you must understand the psychological reasons for procrastination and productive procrastination to learn how to maximize the usage of your time.

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