Overcoming writer's lack of motivation

Overcoming writer’s lack of motivation

What causes the writer’s lack of motivation?

Several different factors can cause the writer’s lack of motivation. You may feel overwhelmed by all the work you must submit. Or maybe you can’t find the right words or ideas to continue your story. Either way, it can be very frustrating to let the urge to write fade away.

Overcoming writer's lack of motivation
Overcoming writer’s lack of motivation

Lack of motivation may be tricky because the more you let it take control, the harder it will be to get back on track.

So, how do we overcome the writer’s lack of motivation?

Overcoming writer’s lack of motivation

Give creative prompts a shot

We know it can be hard to write even a few words when dealing with a lack of motivation. However, avoidance only leads to avoidance repetition in the future. You will enter a loop you won’t know how to get out of.

Search the net for creative, easy prompts to write about. Some examples to get you started are:

• Look outside the window and describe what you see
• Think of your favorite animal and explain why you love it
• Describe how you feel after a good night’s sleep

These are only a few examples. There are as many prompts as ideas out there. With a bit of imagination or by searching on the Internet, you can access hundreds of prompts.

Even if you don’t feel like writing, which you probably don’t, or else you wouldn’t be reading this post, write. You will likely find the passion for words again.

Change your environment or take a break

If you often feel stuck in your office, staying in that environment may be pushing you further into the lack of motivation loop.

Try to mix things up. Maybe you can go to a cafe to write. Or you can replace your office with a library for a few days. Try to find what works best for you to get out of the loop.

If none of the above work, you may consider taking a break. We mentioned before how not writing will become a habit and it is not beneficial for you. However, a 2- or 3-days break to clear your mind and relax won’t be harmful. You may even come up with new ideas when you are not thinking about writing and expect it the least!

Your words may change people

You may feel like what you do is not useful or good enough. But someone out there will appreciate your work. This is more of a personal experience, but I once discovered a not-so-renowned author that gave me my illusion for reading back. I wrote an email to him thanking the effort he put into writing such wonderful stories. And he emailed me back saying how much it had meant to him.

My point is that all writers have an audience, people willing to read their work. You don’t owe them anything, but if impacting people’s lives matters to you, bear in mind that your words can change people.

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