How to optimize your environment to improve productivity and avoid procrastination?

Have you been struggling to improve your productivity and have been trying to avoid procrastination? If so, you’re not alone. Almost all of us struggle with procrastinating daily. The psychology behind procrastination suggests that it can feel good at that moment, but there’s a cost that comes with it.

optimize your environment to improve productivity and avoid procrastination
Optimize your environment to improve productivity and avoid procrastination

Learn how to optimize your environment to increase your productivity and avoid procrastinating through these methods:

Surround yourself with the right people

Studies show that we copy the behavior of most of our friends and family. This means that it’s essential to surround yourself with hard-working and inspiring people, not destructive people. This way, you can create an inspiring environment to increase your productivity and avoid procrastination. Therefore, carefully pick your social circle!

Break down big tasks

You might have some big tasks that you’ve been holding off for days, or worse, lurking in the back of your mind because you never got to start on it. Another way to overcome this is to break down your tasks into smaller parts and note them down on a whiteboard.

Examples of what “tasks” may be lurking in your head:

  • Your anniversary party
  • Hose remodeling
  • Looking for a new job

Things like this can slow down your mind. By having a whiteboard pinned to your wall, you can easily go through what needs to be done and will help you feel more organized. When you give your brain clear and understanding directions to where you need to go, it’ll help you better understand and organize your work.

This is also a concept called microproductivity.

Put your alarm away from your bed

Most people put their alarms on to snooze not because they’re lazy, but because it’s reachable and so they see an opportunity to snooze it off. One hack to avoid this is by keeping your alarm far away from your bed, this way, when the alarm goes off, you have to get out of bed to reach the alarm and snooze it. This small change in environment will help you avoid procrastination

Get yourself comfortable

The first step into beating procrastination is getting comfortable with where you are. With this in mind, take the time to set up your table or bed before you dive into your tasks or projects.

Not just that, something as simple as eating an apple pie or a healthy snack bar before you start your task can boost up your productivity.

Procrastination ends here

Procrastination affects almost all people from various industries. We are all guilty of procrastinating. But by using your strong point to your advantage, you can easily overcome this, by optimizing your environment to increase productivity, and finally, avoiding procrastination. Follow these 4 steps and you’ll see a new light in your life.

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