Tips for effective time management for writers

6 Tips for effective time management for writers

When working on a novel, an essay, or any task that requires a considerable amount of time, writers can tend to dismiss their responsibilities and procrastinate. There are many tips for effective time management for writers.

Tips for effective time management for writers
Tips for effective time management for writers

Everyone gets lazy occasionally. However, most writers work at their own pace, and this leads to higher levels of procrastination. So, what are some management tips for writers?

6 Tips for effective time management for writers

Set a routine

Most prolific writers create their own routines and, here’s the key, they stick to it. It doesn’t matter if you write 20 minutes everyday right when you wake up or an entire hour before going to sleep.

What matters is that you stick to your habit until it becomes a natural part of your daily routine. We create habits by repetition. It may be hard to force yourself to write when you don’t feel like it, but it will come in handy once the habit is settled.

Set a space dedicated to writing

Whether it’s an office or your couch, find a comfortable spot where the only task you are allowed to do is write. Like the previous tip, it will become natural once you have repeated it long enough.

The best example of this is our bed. We automatically associate it with having a good rest. Something similar will occur with your writing space.

Limit your distractions

Yes, our modern world requires us to be connected 24/7. But how is that going to help you achieve your writing goals?

This one is related to the #1 tip. When you are focused on writing, turn off your phone or limit your access to it. The same goes for searching the web or social platforms on your laptop. Allow your mind to enter a peaceful state in which the only thing that matters is writing.

There are apps like Forest or Pomodoro that will help you achieve this purpose. They work best on smartphones, but some of them have extensions for Chrome as well.

Reward yourself after completing a task

Whether it is to finish a chapter or to edit some of your already written work, reward yourself occasionally when you complete a task. It doesn’t have to be huge. Taking a warm bath while reading one of your favorite books, going for a peaceful walk in your neighborhood, or treating yourself with that snack you crave are perfect options.

This will condition you without even noticing it, providing more motivation to write and meet your deadlines.

Recognize what time of the day works best for you

Some of us are night owls while others are early birds. Acknowledging what type of person you are is easy; most of us already know. If you work best during the morning, do not force yourself to write at night. Use that spare time at night to relax and clear your mind. This leads us to the last tip!

Take time to relax

We tend to think that productivity is the only thing that matters and will improve our careers. But being productive does not equal creating quality content. Our minds need to rest as well as our physical bodies.

Whether you enjoy meditating or watching your comfort TV show set aside specific time to spend with yourself and relax. You will probably notice a creativity and energy boost if done regularly.


These are a few tips that will help you manage your time and productivity as a writer. Each person is different, but we guarantee all of these work for everyone.

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